You Can Now Play Godtear Online! (And Here’s How To Take Part in the First Event)

Hey, Champions! Awesome news:

You can now play Godtear online, on Tabletopia, for free!

Like us, we know many of you can’t meet with your regular gaming groups right now. So, we pulled out all the stops to get this up and running as fast as possible.

Now it’s finally live, we’re super excited to see what you think!

Let us know on social using #GodtearOnline.


Take Part In ‘The Far Arena’, The First Ever Online Godtear Event

To celebrate Godtear going digital, we’re running The Far Arena. It’s a community event with some awesome prizes!

Starting today, The Far Arena will run for an entire month. Here’s what you could win:

  • Weekly prize — choose which follower or banner gets an alternative digital sculpt for everyone on Tabletopia.

  • Overall prize — choose which champion gets an alternative digital sculpt for everyone on Tabletopia.

Can you feel the power?!

How Do I Take Part?

It’s simple:

Play a game of Godtear on Tabletopia. Take a screenshot. Submit that screenshot using this form.


Voila! You’re now in it, which means you could win it.

In fact, the more games you play (and the more screenshots you submit), the better your chances of winning. 

That’s because for the weekly prize, we’ll randomly draw a winner from that week’s entries. This draw will happen every Friday, and we’ll announce the winner the following Monday.

For the overall prize, we’ll randomly draw a winner from every single entry. So, the more times you’ve entered, the better your odds!

Want to increase your chances? If you record and publish a playthrough or livestream (and submit it via this form) then your entry will count as TEN entries!

Ready to Play Godtear Online?

You can play Godtear online using Tabletopia, which is a tabletop game simulator you can access through your browser and Steam.

If this is your first time playing Godtear, you can download the rulebook or check out the how-to-play videos on YouTube.

And if you’re familiar with Godtear but want to know how it works online, this video is for you:

Need people to play with? Join the Godtear Champions Fan Group on Facebook and Godtear Discord to find new opponents.