Game-Changing Godtear Champion! Meet Jaak

Obliterating your foes on the battlefield is a must. But keeping your allies alive is just as important for victory. Pre-order Jaak, the Dubious Alchemist, today!

Get ready to mix things up. The latest champion to grace the battlefields of Godtear, Jaak comes with the game-changing ability to heal his allies!

That’s a great reason to stay on this alchemist’s good side. You won’t have to wait too long to meet him, either. Available to pre-order now, Jaak releases on June 24.

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Jaak’s unique support abilities make him an ideal Guardian champion. His expert potion-craft allows him to heal friendly champions and their followers while his own followers, the Cauldron Cronies, sow mayhem on the battlefield.

Jaak can’t heal himself, so you’ll have to make sure you’re making the most of him keeping your other units alive. But, if you use them right, Jaak and the Cauldron Cronies could be an absolute Godtear gamechanger!

Here’s what lead developer, Steve Margetson, had to say about Jaak:

“Jaak represents a completely new gameplay style for Godtear, being the first champion that heals friendly models. Because Jaak’s followers can place his banner for him — Jaak’s banner is his cauldron, which his followers carry around looking for the perfect spot — his playstyle is perfect for those who love playing a banner-focused game and want to be able to withstand attacks from the most powerful foes.

“Jaak pairs effectively with some of the lower health champions like Titus, Jeen and Sneaky Peet, keeping them fighting longer. Or, he can be paired with already durable champions such as Rhodri and Halftusk to create a near-indestructible warband that his enemies will struggle to chew through.”


The Jaak Champion Expansion comes with everything you need to add Jaak and his Cauldron Cronies to your Godtear warband, including six highly detailed miniatures and three profile cards.

Set includes:

  • 1 detailed Jaak mini
  • 5 detailed Cauldron Crony minis
  • 1 Jaak’s banner mini
  • 3 profile cards

New to Godtear? Find out more here or check out some live gameplay below:


Jaak, the Dubious Alchemist, and his crafty Cauldron Cronies release on 24 June. Pre-order now!