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Dark Souls RPG Miniatures Now Available for Pre-order

Pre-order DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game miniatures now!

Your impatient footsteps echo through the brazier-lit stairways of the tower. Surely, the throne room, and all the forsaken treasures ensconced within, must be near. As your hands grasp the ornate door handle leading to the throne room, you’re whipped by a sudden gust, as if a mighty tempest had ripped through the thick stone ramparts. But it’s no simple gale, the gust is formed of the wingbeats of an enormous, ancient creature. A Guardian Dragon. Turns out the treasure isn’t as ill-guarded as you thought.

Time to fight.

Anyone who’s run a roleplaying adventure can tell you a good imagination is crucial to your enjoyment. In fact, letting your imagination run wild is what separates RPGs (roleplaying games) from other tabletop experiences.

No more are the days of using a salt shaker to stand in for the boss when you get your hands on the imposing Guardian Dragon mini on a 110mm base! You can also face off against iconic monsters from the video games, like Hollow Soldiers, Silver Knight Greatbowmen, and more.

Pre-order Player Character Miniatures for DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game!

And you won’t need to close your eyes to step into your character’s boots any longer. We’ve got not one, but two sets of minis representing iconic DARK SOULS™ character classes from the video games!

In fact, you can head to our website now to download your character sheet and build your Unkindled as you see fit.

Your characters. Your decisions. Your DARK SOULS™ story.

One thing’s for sure, your adventures will be anything but miniature.


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