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Now Open! Pre-order Resident Evil: The Board Game

August 18, 2023

Itchy. Tasty. Board game-y.

Survivors, the pre-order is now OPEN for Resident Evil: The Board Game! By pre-ordering now (in advance of the October 9 release), you’ll get your hands on exclusive offers and an expansion exclusive to Steamforged (that’s us).

Pre-order Resident Evil: The Board Game

But what is Resident Evil: The Board Game? And, more importantly: Can you survive the horror?

What is Resident Evil: The Board Game?

Resident Evil Board Game

We’re going back to where it all began.

Following the highly-rated Resident Evil 2 (2019) and Resident Evil 3 (2021) board games, Resident Evil: The Board Game (2023) brings the sinister Spencer Mansion to the tabletop in a terrifying open world campaign. 

Resident Evil Board Game Spill

Based on the 2002 remake of the original Resident Evil video game, this is a cooperative survival horror board game for 1-4 players.

Built on the survival horror engine of the previous two board games, it introduces a slew of new and updated mechanics to keep you on your toes. 

Resident Evil Characters

Solve ingenious puzzles to unlock doors, build the mansion map as you explore, send non-player characters on valuable missions, and more. 

Setup is swift because each scenario begins with just a few tiles. As you explore and open doors, you’ll build out the map, opening new pathways and discovering useful items… and deadly enemies.

Resident Evil zombies

It’s a campaign game playable over 30 hours, where every decision counts and has far-reaching consequences. Every resource must be managed, every bullet counted. And fighting isn’t the only way to survive. You’ll have to decide when to attack and when to flee. 

But you won’t always get a choice! As your campaign goes on, the mansion will evolve and the danger level will rise. The tension and encounter decks will change, adding mysterious new cards and altering the effects of previous cards to make them even more dangerous. But effects don’t just happen over time. Tension cards can change enemy behaviour at any moment, making them even more lethal from one turn to the next.

Resident Evil enemies

Short on time? Each Resident Evil: The Board Game scenario is also playable as a 60-90 minute one-shot, for bite-sized nightmare sessions.

Why Pre-order Resident Evil: The Board Game?

By pre-ordering, you’ll get access to two exclusive offers.

Just for pre-ordering the core game, you’ll get an extra set of test tube dice free. Critical for rolling those crucial hits!

Or, if you truly want to test your nerves, the S.T.A.R.S. bundle may be for you…

S.T.A.R.S. Bundle

Available only to pre-order, the S.T.A.R.S. bundle includes the core game, Bleak Outpost expansion, and the exclusive Into the Darkness expansion (only available here), at an exclusive discount.

Pre-order Resident Evil

Into the Darkness (Steamforged Exclusive)

Feeling brave, Survivors? Then let’s head where few others dare to tread. Deep into the darkness, where mutant monsters make their lairs…

Into the Darkness

The undead aren’t the only danger roaming the mansion and its grounds. Strange creatures lurk in the darkness, watching and waiting for their moment to strike.

Up on the third floor, where only the most determined dare to tread, the monstrous Yawn has made its lair, awaiting those foolish enough to disturb its slumber. And down under the ground, in a network of abandoned caverns, a nest of huge arachnids lurks. Beware the largest of their brood — the terrifying Black Tiger.

Tiptoe through the Third Floor and the underground cave system in tense new scenarios where you’ll face rotating tiles, boulder traps, and poison. Watch out for the enormous Yawn’s gaping maw, and the ensnaring webs of Black Tiger and her spiders…

Dare you step into the darkness and take on these two huge new bosses, so big they engulf multiple squares?

Including six gripping new scenarios, this expansion adds 8 hours of extra gameplay to your Resident Evil: The Board Game campaigns. Or, play each scenario as a terrifying standalone experience!

Pre-order Resident Evil

Bleak Outpost  

Bleak Outpost

The mansion is only the beginning. You might think an isolated building at the edge of the grounds would be untouched by the evils elsewhere; a lonely safehouse. You’d be wrong. 

An unlikely presence holds this place in its thrall — a plant grown to monstrous size, its lethal vines trailing through the building just waiting to lash out. And beneath the simple structure, a deadly aquatic predator prowls the flooded halls, searching for any sign of life…

Enter the lonely Guardhouse and underground Aqua Ring in tense new scenarios featuring sinister new mechanics. You’ll encounter flooded tiles, undead insects, the ferocious Neptune, and the constant threat of Plant-42’s searching vines dragging you into the depths…

Are you brave enough to explore this strange world and face these two huge new bosses, so large they take up multiple squares?

Like Into the Darkness, Bleak Outpost includes six gripping new scenarios and adds 8 hours of extra gameplay to your Resident Evil: The Board Game campaigns. 

And yes, you can play each scenario as a terrifying, standalone experience… if you dare. 

Pre-order Resident Evil