New! Skullbreaker, The Dragon Slayer | Godtear

Do you like to obliterate your enemies in a single, dragon-toothed strike? Of course you do. Well, we’ve got just the orc for you…

They call him the Dragon Slayer. A creature so strong he wields the jawbone of a slain dragon as a weapon. It’s Skullbreaker, the latest Godtear champion to smash his way onto the battlefield, and he's now available to pre-order!

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A Slayer champion, Skullbreaker excels at dealing powerful, single-target blows and knocking out enemy champions. The bigger, the better!

Artwork of Godtear champion Skullbreaker and followersWe caught up with Godtear’s Lead Developer, Steve Margetson, to give some insight into what you can expect from Skullbreaker…

"Skullbreaker has a single powerful attack that he can tailor to slay any opponent. His jawblade rolls more dice than any other attack in Godtear, making him the ideal choice for a player looking to tear down enemy champions. His followers assist him with attacks, moving him into position to decimate his enemies.

Through him, you can live the fantasy of wielding a huge weapon. You may not swing it often but when you do, it’s going to hurt! 

He also pairs well with champions that can bring his enemies close, such as Shayle, Sneaky Peet, or Raith’Marid. Mournblade can also be effective, using his followers to lock an enemy in place ready for Skullbreaker to decapitate them.

Skullbreaker also offers accuracy for multiple friendly followers and so makes a good pairing with champions that rely on their followers for output, like Shayle, Grimgut, or Keera.

Skullbreaker is perfect for aggro players that love taking the fight to their opponent. With the most powerful damaging attack in Godtear to date, he’ll make short work of even the most durable champions in the game. Naturally, this attack comes with a lot of dice to roll. If you like to roll dice, Skullbreaker is for you!”

Slayer by name, slayer by nature! One whiff of blood and this champion is on the hunt. Get your hands on Skullbreaker for your Godtear warband here.

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