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Today we’re meeting Rusya Starfall, a human student of the Sorcerer class…

Meet Rusya Starfall, the Human Sorcerer Student

Sorcerer Student Character for 5e RPG

Power doesn’t make me right. I just happen to be correct to begin with. 

Rusya had seven sisters, all infinitely more gifted in the arcane arts. But with a flick and a thought, Rusya was able to call on a different power — an internal well of energies they knew did not belong to them. The origin of this power is still a mystery.

Sorcerer student miniature for 5e RPG

Since arriving at the Academy, Rusya has struggled between their Starfall heritage and family expectations. In class, Rusya always seems to be hovering just above the rest in ability and talent — and, although they hate to admit it, they aren’t quite sure how. 

Painted Sorcerer student miniature for 5e RPG

In secret, they’re always searching for answers on the source and origin of Starfall family power, and the hushed rumours of links to the Grand Academy’s founders. 

Roleplaying character art for Sorcerer student

Ready to Choose Your Character & Head to Class?

If you’d like to roleplay as Rusya or any of the other students we’ve met so far, good news: 

She can be found in the Arcane & Might RPG set HERE.