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Rise of the Blood Moon… | Street Masters: Champion Edition Kickstarter

We’re taking Street Masters to Kickstarter for an EPIC showdown on February 21! To help prepare us, Sherwin Matthews (Steamforged lead for Street Masters) is sharing wisdom on the challenges ahead.

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Lament of the Blood Moon, with Sherwin Matthews

I see you have returned, fighters. Good! A new threat rises in the East, and you must be prepared…

The Kingdom, a mysterious group that had for decades been quietly infiltrating and manipulating governments and international organisations, has been shattered. Its leaders are dead or imprisoned, their minions either sharing their fate, or fled.

In the aftermath, the world has seemingly become a far safer place. No longer coordinated by their shadowy overlords, the world’s gangs have retreated back to the darkness to lick their wounds. 

But is all as it seems?

Now the dust has settled, powerful new players emerge into the world stage, and none more enigmatic than the woman rapidly carving an empire in blood across Japan, known only to her rivals as the Blood Moon. With each passing day, yet more gangs bend the knee to this new tyrant, and are charged with carrying out her orders with brutal efficiency.

Can you confront and destroy this emerging threat to the known world, before she gains enough power to seize the absent throne of the broken Kingdom, and turn her attention from rival gangs to the world beyond?

I doubt I need to tell you how stoked I am by this artwork! It really takes me back to the games of yesteryear, and many happy hours spent hammering buttons on controllers and shouting at pixels on the screen. 

Ahem. Moving on…

What is Lament of the Blood Moon?

Lament of the Blood Moon is an exciting new gameplay expansion for Street Masters. 

It unleashes the elegant-yet-deadly Blood Moon — a brutal boss with the largest base in the game, and a massive threat range as a result — backed up by several unique minion types. When the time comes, you’ll face these enemies on one of four new stages.


And that’s not all. Throughout the course of the Kickstarter, we’ll be unlocking even more content for this expansion through backer votes! I won’t spoil anything more. For now, let’s just say all is not as it seems…

As veterans will no doubt tell you, the models and tiles are only half of any Street Masters expansion. Inside the box, you’ll also find enemy and story decks for revealing the narrative surrounding Blood Moon’s vengeful path through the underworld, and how your fighters can put a stop to her. Supporting these cards are stage decks for the map tiles included in the game, detailing any events and objectives unique to those areas. 

Moon Shade

And finally, we’ve also added Ally/Rival cards for the enemies encountered in the expansion, so they can appear in your other Street Masters games away from Blood Moon’s stomping grounds.


So, what type of strategies are you going to have to employ in order to emerge victorious? Well, I’ll keep you guessing on that front… for now. Perhaps you can tempt some more details out of myself, Adam, or Brady during the campaign. 

We've got something special lined up for this character with some of the channels you know and love – including Not Bored Gaming, BoardGameCo, and NerdOD – where you'll have a chance to get involved, too! Keep an eye out for updates in the next couple of days....

Yes, you heard that right—our team is working on this expansion with none other than Street Masters royalty themselves, Adam and Brady Sadler. It’s been an awesome experience, throwing all of our ideas together into the crucible (there’s a reference there, for those in the know) and seeing what comes out!

No Spoilers Here!

I won’t give any more away, but you won’t need to wait for long! In just over a week, we’ll be taking to the streets of Ransom City once more, where enemies both known and unknown are ready and waiting to take you on.

Oh, alright, maybe just a little tease…

As I mentioned above, during this Kickstarter, we’ll be adding mysterious figures like this one as unlocks. Through your votes, you’ll determine which unlocks are unleashed first! We’ll also be sharing designer diaries on everything from their stories to their gameplay, along with concept art and (of course) miniature reveals. 

Feeling the excitement yet? I know I am!

Until next time, fighters. In the meantime, you can find us and other fans in the Steamforged Discord!