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Sword & Shield Hunter | Journal #5 | Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

Today, we complete our first (but not last...) hunting party, with the reveal of the sword & shield hunter!

Before we dive back into the Lead Developer's journal to discover how sword & shield works in the board game, you might find it useful to check out the previous hunter blogs (if you haven't already). Track them down here:

The Sword & Shield Hunter 

From the journal of Jamie Perkins, Lead Developer

With both sword and shield, it’s no surprise this hunter is a great all-rounder, able to bring both offence and defence as the situation demands.


Gritty and determined, this reliable ally is the heart of any hunting party, wearing monsters down over time with constant (and precise) attacks launched from behind their shields.

What? If you had a shield, you’d use it!

Weapon Upgrades

Speaking of shields, if you've been reading this journal, you probably already know the drill on weapon and equipment upgrades. But here's a refresher, just in case:

You'll start with a unique attack deck based on the sword & shield, plus upgrade options you can craft from bone and ore. If you want better weapons to take on harder monsters, you'll need to slay more monsters to claim more loot. Then, use that loot to craft better weapons. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not a chance!


Fighting Style

Consider yourself adaptable? Give the sword & shield hunter a spin. 

This methodical machine brings skills for every situation and can push hard or stand steadfast behind their guard.

A great example of their fighting style is Guard Up


With its massive temporary boost to armour and elemental resistances, play Guard Up when dodging just isn’t an option. 

And the defence doesn't stop there. As well as their Guard Up cards, the sword & shield hunter also has more bonus armour on its weapon cards than most hunters.

It’s never enough to make them impervious to monster attacks but when you’re backed into a corner, taking a little damage is better than being eaten! 

To show you just how versatile this hunter is, let’s take a look at Shield Bash


Why is that versatile? 

For one important reason:

Once you’ve played it, it can be immediately removed from your stamina board, freeing up a slot for additional attacks. 

Managing stamina is important for any hunter to make the most out of their turn, so cards that help you free up space on your board (and thus conserve stamina) are very useful indeed!

~ Journal Ends ~

What Will You Wield?

Now we have our first hunting party, which weapon calls to you the loudest, and why?

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