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Meet the Tortle Monk Student | Adventures & Academia

It’s getting close now, students. Adventures & Academia launches November 30 on Kickstarter, unleashing magical college characters for your 5e roleplaying campaigns!

To prepare for your adventures in academia, we’re meeting the students. Today, say hello to Bondus Redshell, student of the Monk class!

Bondus Redshell, Tortle Student of the Monk Class

Painted Tortle miniature for 5e RPG

Anything you can’t learn from fishing, you can learn from a good fight or great food. Well, at least the things worth learning. 

Bondus always felt an affinity with the fish. Maybe it was because they seemed to have a sense of purpose, swimming tirelessly upstream, or that their armoured scales never slowed them down. 

Not that that affinity ever dissuaded her from how good those fish tasted once cooked over an open fire. 

Tortle Monk character for 5e RPG

Bondus was usually quiet, never really coming out of her metaphorical shell. But, while at the Academy, she’s begun to recognise she has more in common with her classmates than she would like to admit.

Tortle Monk character artwork

Step by step, she’s coming out of her shell and building bridges to new friendships. As she’s improved socially, her grades have followed.

So, What Do You Think?

Want to roleplay as Bondus or meet her as an NPC in your next roleplaying campaign? Or maybe you just like the look of her mini, and want to roll up your own character?

Either way, good news. Adventures & Academia: First Class is launching November 30 on Kickstarter with a collection of 5e roleplaying minis, Bondus included!

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