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What are Epic Encounters Boss Boxes? | Epic Encounters Explained

Epic Encounters does two things: makes life easy for GMs and guarantees a great time for players.

But not all these boxed RPG sets are the same – they’re split into boss boxes and warband boxes.

Boss boxes give GMs all the ingredients for an exciting battle against a single huge boss, whereas warband boxes pit your party against an entire group of foes.

Read on to find all about boss boxes, and why they’re the perfect finale for your next roleplaying adventure!

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What are Epic Encounters Boss Boxes?

You’ve fought your way through dozens of battles – and talked your way out of a few more, right Bards?

But now it’s time for the final confrontation: a boss battle.

Whether you’re fighting a hulking ogre, fire-breathing dragon, or something even more terrifying, boss battles are an integral part of RPG campaigns.

They provide the ultimate way for you and your party to test your mettle  – despite any lethal weapons, powerful magic, and expensive equipment you might be bringing, bosses won’t go down easy.

Unlike your typical RPG monster, bosses are likely to have high stats, a huge health pool, and a wide variety of powerful skills and abilities.

Done right, a boss encounter should be the crowning glory of a satisfying RPG campaign.

But it’s not always thus. Many things can get in the way of a killer boss fight – an underwhelming foe, lack of prep time, or players wanting to do something unexpected.

That’s where we come in.

Epic Encounters boss boxes have everything you need to ensure a cinematic, slick, and – most importantly – fun encounter for everyone.

There’s the ingredients for a boss encounter in every box – previous sets have seen players take on a towering Frost Giant, mysterious Dragon Turtle, and horrifying Corpse Crawler!

You don’t want to leave your players disappointed, and that’s why players and GMs are always coming back for more Epic Encounters!

What do you get in Epic Encounters Boss Boxes?

A Massive Mini

Every box includes a stunning boss mini.

What, just one?

That’s right – but don’t be mistaken. These bosses are immensely strong, not to mention huge – each monstrous, highly-detailed sculpt is depicted on a whopping base up to 110mm in diameter!

And there's no need to fiddle around with lots of plastic, glue, and a scalpel – these minis are either pre-assembled or assembled easily by hand.

We pride ourselves in making some of the best minis you can find anywhere.

So, whether you’re a roleplayer, a painter, or just someone who likes to collect cool models, the Epic Encounters boss range is the perfect range for impressive sculpts that’ll stand out wherever they are.


Adventure Book

If you’re a GM, this book will become your bible.

From fascinating lore to build out your in-game world, to story hooks that’ll keep players invested in the encounter, these pages contain everything you need to keep players on the edge of their seats – and make life easy for you!

There’s monster stats to add the bosses to any 5e RPG campaign, not to mention a litany of tips and tricks to build tension.

This should give you an idea of the useful stuff inside:

Double-sided Battle Map

Boss battles are tricky, and it’ll help both GMs and players if they know where they are in relation to the boss (and each other).

This helps you plan attacks and strategy, and just generally keep track of what’s going on in the fracas!

That’s where our illustrated battle maps come in:


Rounding off this assortment of goodies are tokens!

These help keep track of the boss’s health, other enemies, terrain or obstacles like poisonous gas for example. Tokens help extend that cinematic experience beyond the miniature you get in the box!

Why choose Epic Encounters Boss Boxes?

There’s a reason players can’t get enough of our boss boxes – several reasons in fact:

The minis are out of this world

We’ve already touched on this one – but it bears repeating. Our minis really are some of the best you can get. The boss minis are massive and really show off the stunning detail of our sculpts.

And they’re not just great for roleplaying – painters will relish the chance to show off their latest techniques on these marvellous boss minis.

Spend more of your time enjoying the campaign

Cut down on prep time with boss encounters that’re ready-to-go right from the box.

They’re invaluable for GMs

As we said, this is a GM’s one stop shop for creating a boss battle that’s memorable and fun, without the headache.

They ensure fun for the whole party

After all, everyone’s in this for the same thing – to have fun! As we said earlier, Epic Encounters makes life easy for GMs and guarantees fun for players.

What more could you want?

Check out our range of boss boxes here.