Dark Souls: RPG

Now Available! DARK SOULS™ RPG Minis for Your 5e Campaigns

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Unkindled, your campaigns are destined never to be the same. Our new DARK SOULS™ RPG minis have now arrived in our webstore!

These highly-detailed, 5e-compatible sets bring your Lothric-bound exploits to life… Or death.

But you’re not limited to exploring Lothric. With 5e-compatible stat cards in every pack, it’s the work of a moment to add the minis to any fantasy roleplaying campaign.

Don’t just take our word for it!

TechRaptor had this to say about how easily these minis slot into 5e campaigns:

“If you are planning on running a campaign of Dark Souls, these stat cards are a must. Not only are the cards themselves of high quality, both with elaborate artwork, legible and well-formatted text, they come in their own convenient plastic sleeves. These cards will help keep combat encounters fast and intuitive. No need to keep flipping to bookmarked entries in the rulebook or taking personal notes behind the GM screen.”

If you are planning to enrich your DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game adventures, take your campaigns to the next level with iconic monsters, starting classes, and bosses from the video game.

These minis add colour to your campaigns, as well as helping to accentuate DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game’s tactical combat by giving your battles a new dimension on the tabletop.

This PDF allows roving GMs to delve into the ruinous world of Lothric wherever they go. 

Pair this transportable edition of our complete RPG with the new DARK SOULS™ RPG minis for truly unforgettable campaigns!