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Pledge Level Reveal! | Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Hey there, Animal Adventurers! Russ here.

Today is a great day.

Because today, I get to reveal the pledges for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea, launching July 20 on Kickstarter.

(Find the campaign page here)

Before I do, though, I want to thank each and every one of you for following the campaign and supporting us on social media. Plus, an extra special ‘thank you’ for those of you who completed our survey earlier this year.

We got some really useful information about what you want from Animal Adventures, and we’ve done our best to deliver.

When we asked what minis you’d like to see next, over 50% of you asked for something new; over 40% wanted more cats and/or dogs; and 8.1% wanted less minis and more books. 

Animal Adventure Feedback Image 5

I think it’s pretty clear we’ve hit the mark for ALL of these wants. Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea will include:

  • 10 New Playable Species

  • 6* New Cats

  • 6* New Dogs

  • A Brand New Campaign Setting

*wondering what the sixth cat and dog are? Check the Daily Unlocks below.

We also asked what you’d like to see more of, and this really helped us shape the pledges on offer. Just take a look below:

Animal Adventures Feedback Image 6

Many of you just want the minis and aren’t too bothered about Campaign Guides and Sourcebooks. But a whole bunch of you ARE interested in those things, and we want to make this campaign as inclusive as possible.

So, unlike the Gullet Cove campaign where everything was bundled together, we’ve made sure you can pledge for exactly what you want!

Pledge Levels

Only want the rules? You can pledge for just the digital book, or the hardcover campaign guide:


Just want the minis? Then this is the pledge level for you:


And if you want ALL of the above in a neatly wrapped package, you can pick up a Core Pledge:


And that’s not all! We’ll be revealing Daily Unlocks during the campaign, too. 

Speaking of which...

Leave Your Pawprint on The Faraway Sea

The best thing about Kickstarters like this one is that YOU can help shape them, both through your support and by getting involved in the comments.

You see, two of the Daily Unlocks will be minis. And not just any minis. Minis that YOU helped to create!

We’ll be hosting two live sculpting sessions during the campaign, where Thomas Lishman and I will be bringing the sixth cat and dog to life before your very eyes — using your suggestions for inspiration!

So, be sure to share your ideas in the Kickstarter comments, stream chat, and on social media with the hashtag #6thanimaladventuresmini.

And THAT’S not all, either:

The Faraway Sea is home to an ever-changing chain of mysterious islands (that’s an ‘archipelago’, to the word-lovers out there) for your adventurers to explore.

During the campaign, we’ll be creating one of those islands together! But I’ll keep more information on that as a surprise for the campaign. And we've got a few more unlocks stashed away too!

See you all for an Animal Adventure on the Faraway Sea on July 20!

Make sure you’re following the campaign so you’ll be notified when it launches, and be the first to set your paw/hoof/foot on new shores.

And finally, our extended trailer for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

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