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Master death with Styx, the new Godtear champion

Unleash the hounds in your next battle and tear enemy banners to shreds!

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Battle rival champions. Claim godtears. Become a god.

Take control of mighty champions and fight to claim the powerful tears of perished gods! This miniature skirmish game puts two players head-to-head on a hex-based board. Score points by planting your banner on a godtear, defending it, and by taking out enemy champions and followers.


Even gods can die

We begin at the end of days, when war rages across The Cradle. Consumed by violence, mortals have abandoned their faith in favour of bloodshed. And as the last mortal casts their faith aside, turning instead to darkness, the weakened gods first weep, and then shatter.


But the strongest can seize their power

When the gods shatter, tears rain from the sky as crystalline meteors filled with godly essence. These godtears bestow god-like power on those strong enough to seek them.

Just a handful of mortals can withstand and harness the divine power of the godtears. Those chosen few fast develop a taste for the tears, becoming great champions in their perpetual quest to gain more and ascend to godhood...

Learn the strengths of each champion class


Slayers take the fight to the enemy. These heavy hitters are great at taking out enemy champions, and gain extra steps on the battle ladder for doing it.


The clue is in the name: Guardians are excellent defenders. These champions protect their banner (and their allies) with their lives. They get extra steps on the battle ladder if their banner is still in play at the end of the turn.


Where Slayers are best at going head-to-head with enemy champions, Maelstroms are great at taking out followers. They get an extra step on the battle ladder for every follower they knock out.


Keen to control the flow of the game, green Shaper champions buff allies, debuff enemies, and manipulate the battlefield through cunning movement of godtears. They get extra steps on the battle ladder for planting their banner.

Prepare for an epic tabletop skirmish

Once you've assembled your warband, your objective is simple: plant your banner and take out your enemies!


Understand the mechanics

plot phase.png

Aim of the game

Godtear is played over three to five turns. Each turn is worth between 1 and 3 victory points. To score the points, you need to win the turn. The first player to score 5 victory points is the winner!

clash phase.png

Phases of a turn

Each turn is split into three phases: the plot phase, the clash phase, and the end phase. Depending on the phase, your champions and followers will have different skills. Flip their double-sided stat cards to see what you can do!

Battle Ladder.png

Battle ladder

Each turn has a numbered token. As you play, that token moves up and down the battle ladder at the edge of the board. To win the turn, the token needs to end on your side of the ladder.


Scoring steps

Score steps on the battle ladder by planting your banner, defending it, and knocking out enemy champions and followers. Remember: the champion classes each have special traits that can gain them bonus steps on the ladder.

Five turns. Three phases. One epic fight!

Plot phase

Make your plans and get into position. In this phase, the first player activates all of their champions and followers. Then the second player activates all of their champions and followers. Pro tip: don't forget to plant your banner!

Clash phase

Let the fight begin! This phase is when you'll trade blows and take out enemies, taking turns to activate your champion and follower units until everyone has acted.

End phase

Time to tally the steps! If the turn token finishes on your side of the battle ladder, you win the turn and score the victory points. The first player to 5 victory points wins the game!

Play Godtear right out of the box

You'll find everything you need to begin in a Godtear starter set.

All Godtear minis come preassembled in coloured plastic, so you can play right away.

Are you ready, champion? The battlefield awaits!

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Godtear is for everyone, from beginners to experienced miniature gamers. Whatever your level, it's quick to start but tough to master!


Build your warband

With powerful skills and different classes, the champion combinations you choose can dramatically change your game. Each champion expansion brings fresh new ways to play. Who will you recruit for your warband?

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