5 Top Tips for Organised Play | Godtear

Welcome Champions!

Today we’ve got our top tips for getting involved in Godtear organised play. If you want to get involved, sign up for our events at Adepticon HERE, or our events at the UK Games Expo HERE.

1. It’s All About Fun

This seems obvious but it’s always worth saying. We play games to have fun and Godtear is no exception. Whether you’re trying out your very first event, or going for gold, we play Godtear because we enjoy it.

2. Bring Everything You Need

When planning to attend an event make sure you bring everything you need. Models? Check! Tokens? Check! Game board? Check! Dice? Check? Dashboards, and cards? Check! 

You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget something important. Check and double check that you’ve got everything before you leave.

Aren’t sure what to bring? Reach out to the event organiser ahead of time. They’ll be more than willing to help you out.

If the worst does happen and you forget something important, don’t panic! Someone at your event might be able to lend you what you're missing.

3. Be Sure To Eat And Drink

Time flies when you’re having fun but it’s important to eat and drink throughout an event. Many don’t realise the amount of energy that’s required to play many games back to back. Despite the fun, you’re still giving your brain a workout during games chatting with opponents.

Be sure to pack plenty to drink and some snacks to keep you going until you can step away from the table. Your tournament experience will be far better and your body will thank you too!

4. Play What You Like

When attending an event it's very easy to really get in your head about what champions you feel you ‘should’ play. Such as the ones that are considered the most powerful by other players. Instead you should focus on what you WANT to play... 

You’ll enjoy the event more by playing what you like rather than what you think you should play. Play the champions you think are fun. Play that strange champion combination that only works for you. Don’t let anyone else dictate what you want to play. You’ll have more fun playing what you know and find enjoyable. Guess what? You’lll likely win more games too!

5. All There For The Same Reason

Going to your first event can feel a little scary. Playing games with people you haven’t met before can feel daunting. However it's important to remember you’re all there to play Godtear and that’s a common thread that connects all of you. So when in doubt, talk about Godtear!

Talk about your warbands, favourite champions, and stories about previous games. An event will also no doubt give you new war stories to talk about, like “that time Sneaky Peet got knocked out by a single attack on turn 1”.

You’d be surprised at the number of new people you can meet and make friends with at organised play events.

(Bonus tip!) 6. Experience Level Doesn’t Matter

Organised play is for everyone regardless of your experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been playing for years. Events are for everyone to attend and enjoy. 

The biggest concern for many attending their first event is feeling like they don’t know the game well enough, but you shouldn’t worry. Other players and the event organisers will always be happy to help you with any rules questions you have. After all, even the most experienced players occasionally need reminders.

We hope these top tips help you out and we look forward to seeing you across the battlefield soon!