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Adventures & Academia First Class Available to Pre-order

Hi there prospective students!

Adventures & Academia: First Class brings the fun and magic from the Grand Academy to the tabletop, with these two new miniature sets!

You can expect to witness a Rogue Cat learning new potions, a Lionfolk Barbarian becoming prefect and an Owlfolk Wizard perfecting its spell casting.

The Grand Academy is opening its doors once again to welcome new students… Pre-order will go live on the 27th October 2022 for a January 31st release date.

These entry level sets are perfect for those looking to get into roleplaying games, or established Game Masters who are looking for a new world to impress with. There are 4 houses at the Grand Academy: House Might, House Arcane, House Divine and House Cunning. 

To find out about each individual house and character, head to the blog section on the Steamforged Games website HERE.

To experience the new world in full, there will be a written adventure by Ennie award winning writer Richard August; this will be available to download for free from when the products launch in January.

Mat Hart,Co-Founder & Creative Director, quoted: 

“We are very excited and proud of these miniatures, the intricate details are going to be a big hit with painters. We believe the packaging reflecting school textbooks to be some of our best work. 

It’s always great to see a new project come to life, Adventures & Academia: First Class was designed to enrich roleplaying campaigns whilst exploring new stories within a new magical college.”

There are two sets of miniatures to choose from:

Adventures & Academia: First Class Arcane & Might Set 

Adventures & Academia: First Class Cunning & Divine Set 

These sets gives any Game Master the tools to create a cinematic experience in the Grand Academy or any other fantasy roleplay setting, each set consist of:

  • 6 Miniatures in total, 3 from each house
  • Character portfolios on each individual character, available to download online when product has launched
  • 5e compatibility
  • One shot adventure available on our website when the product has launched
(KSE Professor not included)

(KSE Professor not included)

What are you waiting for students, Pre-Order HERE for your magical adventures to begin!