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An insightful bard once said “everybody wants to be a cat”. And is it any surprise? Graceful and smart, with a knack for self-preservation — and that’s just regular cats. Awakened cats are another matter.

Lucky for you, Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter, with a host of characterful cats on board for you to roleplay as!

But what makes these cats so special? Grab your telescope and look to the horizon, because you’re about to get the first glimpse.

If you don’t already want to be a cat, you will after this...

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Roleplaying as an Awakened Cat

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea isn’t the first time cats have taken the adventuring spotlight.

In the Secrets of Gullet Cove sourcebook, we created a world of rules for awakened cat characters, including (*deep breath*) feline traits, rules for different sizes, breed abilities (think of these as 5e feats), cat-versions of all the 5e classes, AND a new background, AND feline personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws.

Whew. That was a lot. And we’re not done:

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea will expand on those rules with FIVE new cat adventurer miniatures to create your own character around, plus rules for creating a Cat Artificer and Cat Watcher!

Wait. Do I need Secrets of Gullet Cove to enjoy the Faraway Sea? Absolutely not! Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea is a standalone campaign setting. You can enjoy it without any of the prior books or sets. (Though we highly recommend doing so).

So, if this is your first foray into the world of Animal Adventures, the Faraway Sea is the purrfect (sorry) place to begin!

Great! But hang on. You mentioned a ‘Watcher’ class? Caught that, did you? Guess you’ll have to watch out for a future update.

Okay, enough punnery. Let’s find out more about what it means to be an awakened cat of the Faraway Sea (and get the first look at the minis)...

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea | Chantilly-Tiffany Paladin

Feline Features

A sudden, fleeting movement glimpsed in the corner of an eye. A svelte shape insinuating itself into an implausibly small gap. A small, curled form sheltered in the cook’s galley. 

Cats get everywhere, comfortable in any situation and adaptable in the way few creatures are. They find a home in the most inhospitable places.

And they are also deeply loyal, often friendly, and willing to defend those they love to the death. Cats are the purr-fect adventurers; they are capable of withstanding hardship, and do not trust lightly, but fiercely protect those in whom they have placed their trust.

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea | Oriental Shorthair Wizard

The Ship’s Cat

Cats have been welcomed onboard the ships of man, dwarf, elf, and even orcs and goblins for thousands of years. They provide an invaluable service, after all. Catching mice, rats, and other small vermin that could damage ropes or spread disease. 

Not only that, but it’s rumoured they make excellent navigators, able to foresee a change in weather before it happens. And so a relationship of mutual advantage began and continued, strengthening the strange bond between the cats and those sailors who, quite mistakenly, believe themselves to be the masters. 

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea | Lykoi Druid

Common Interest

Cats are, by nature, somewhat solitary creatures, often preferring their own space and company to that of a pack or group. But this is not always the case. 

Cats often form small circles of friends which, while looser than those formed by other animals, are no less devoted. If a cat is in trouble, their friends arrive in moments to assist them. 

Cats also form groups to achieve specific goals. Looking to set sail for adventure, or repel a rival's boarding attempt? What about sniffing out a particularly delectable cache of treats on an uncharted island? Cats band together when faced with such threats, utilising each other’s differing strengths to achieve their ends. 

Afterwards, they may part ways or may remain together...not that they need to. They could split up any time they want…

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea | Siamese Rogue

Agile and Hard to Spot

Renowned for their nimbleness, cats can make the most extraordinary leaps, fit into spaces that barely seem wide enough to slide a sheet of parchment through, and walk away, casually, from the most dangerous of falls. 

Awakened cats still possess these traits, but now combined with acute intelligence and an understanding of how to use these natural traits to their best advantage. 

This makes awakened cats extremely dangerous combatants, able to evade enemy attacks before suddenly appearing at their enemy’s back, pouncing onto a vulnerable patch of flesh and sinking their claws in. 

This makes even the most seabattered, rough and tumble sailors fear facing awakened cats in combat… you never know from where they’ll strike next!

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea | Pixie Bob BarbarianAA-TFS-Newsletter-Header-Bottle-transparent

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter. 

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