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Meet the Rabbit | Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Did you hear? Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea launches July 20 on Kickstarter, bringing brand new animal species with it!

That’s right. For the first time in the Animal Adventures universe, you can create your very own awakened Rabbit character. 


But what does it mean to be an adventuring Rabbit? Let’s find out...

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Roleplaying a Rabbit

Who doesn’t find you cute? All that fur, those big floppy ears, and that little twitch you do with your nose? 

That’s your advantage, of course. You’re absolutely and totally adorable, but you’re also fierce. Like, really fierce! Those big feet can kick through armour, and wipe the smile straight off any face you don’t like the look of.

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Rabbit Monk

You’re not all about violence, though. You’re a family creature. There are rabbits everywhere, and chances are, you know them. Your aunt is friends with their cousin’s uncle, or something equally tortuous and long-winded. 

Still, it means you’re never alone. Never short of a friend or a paw to grasp in dark times. It also means you’ve got to help them out too, but that’s a small price to pay.


Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter. 

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