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Adventures & Academia: First Class launches November 30 on Kickstarter! To prepare for our first term at magic school, we’re doing homework on all the students we could be. 


Whether you’re a budding Barbarian or a wishful Wizard, Adventures & Academia has a character for you. After all, even the greatest adventurers had to go to school!

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Meet Arinise, the Tiefling Cleric Student


It is only in darkness can we see how bright the light shines.

Arinise always seems to have something to smile about. It’s almost infectious. 


Coming from a large family, Arinise was different from her brothers and sisters, which is to say that she was the only member of the family that had horns. She had a singular willingness to learn from her failures and, when she fell over, would often chuckle and try again. 


Arinise’s parents were caretakers of the local temple, and her life was quiet and largely filled with chores, study, and games. While at the temple, she earned several awards, which she wore with pride. Since arriving at the Grand Academy, Arinise has both struggled and excelled in equal measure. 


Adorning her shield with badges, stickers, and awards from her extracurricular activities, Arinise reminds herself that to be good you sometimes must first stumble. 

Ready to Choose Your Class?

Will you be wearing achievement badges with pride as cleric-in-training Arinise? Or maybe you’ve got a different student character or adventuring class in mind for this mini?

Whatever you decide, make your next roleplaying campaign an adventure in academia with the First Class collection. After all, even the greatest adventurers had to start somewhere!

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