Calling all Champions! Godtear Construction Scenario Beta Test

Welcome champions! Today is a very exciting day as we introduce the first brand new scenario for Godtear, Construction!

This is the first version and we want help from YOU the community to make it as amazing as it can be!

What is Construction?

Construction is our first brand new scenario for Godtear since it was released back in 2019. In Construction, players stack objective hexes on top of each other to increase the amount of steps banners score in the end phase. 

You can grab the scenario doc right now and play it immediately! HERE! (Or on our resources page). Grab an opponent, play a game then provide feedback via the form HERE or linked in the scenario document.

New Scenario? Why Now?

Godtear came out in 2019 and we have always had new scenarios in the back of our mind. It’s the perfect way to change up the game of Godtear without a new release and we’ve had plenty of ideas. We tried out some of these ideas in the original Awakenings campaign and the Winters Reckoning campaign but we decided it’s time to take the plunge and just do it!

Construction Beta Test?

Instead of releasing Construction and leaving it at that we have decided to collect feedback from the community to help us improve it.

Those of you veteran Godtear fans will remember we held an early access period that allowed us to gather feedback and refine Godtear into the game you know and love today. Given how important scenarios are for Godtear as well as the useful knowledge we gained from working with the community we wanted to include you once again.

Whenever you play a game of Construction, fill out a form HERE to provide your thoughts and feelings on the scenario. This is the best way to let your voice be heard and to have some impact on the game you love. 

When Is It Ending?

We’ll be closing our feedback on Monday 10th April, we’ll then be taking some time to review the feedback from you all. From there we’ll make a decision whether we need another round of feedback or whether we are ready to release a final version.

From our internal development and the early access period, we have learnt the value in taking the time to get things right rather than rushing them or prolonging their development cycle. Sometimes things feel right early on, others it takes awhile to achieve what we are looking for.

If you are going to Adepticon you'll be able to play Construction in during our Godtear Open Play, otherwise grab the scenario HERE and provide your feedback HERE. If you have questions Godtear lead developer, Steve Margetson will be trawling social media, the Godtear fan discord, and SFGs own discord (join that HERE) to answer any questions you have about Construction. He might even get a chance to play some online games too!