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Are you excited about AdeptiCon 2023? We can't wait!

Whether you’re a Godtear veteran, or just looking to learn more about our exciting, hex-based tabletop combat game, you’re in luck!

There’s tons to get involved with – and we’re super excited for you to see what’s in store!

We love to meet fans and fellow tabletop enthusiasts at events. So come along and say hi! It's always exciting to hear what the Godtear community has to say (side note: at the end of 2022 we rolled out a Community Survey which made for really interesting reading). 

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the wonderful world of Godtear, fancy playing some casual games, or want to sign up for a tournament, you’re sure to find the event for you in our AdeptiCon line-up.

Everyone’s welcome!

Godtear Open Play

What’s on at AdeptiCon?

Game Demos

Looking to learn the ropes? Experience Godtear in all its glory with a two hour guided introduction to a full scale game of Godtear. Each player joins the battle with a warband of three unique champions and their followers. Perfect for beginners. You can also pay a visit to the SFG booth and get a demo there!

Open Play

Minimum fuss, maximum Godtear. Join the battles of the 11th age with open tables available to play throughout AdeptiCon. Turn up with your mates, or play with a stranger - it’s up to you. You can even record each game you play to earn take-home prizes (more on this later!).

Champion Tournament 

Champion tournaments are intended as an experience for players that have only played a few Godtear games. Sharpen your skills with three rounds of play, and record your games to earn take-home prizes! This tournament will suit new players, and those looking to warm up for later events.

Check out the Godtear tournament rules here.

Godtear - Steve Lead Developer

AdeptiCon Open

Test your skills with four rounds of play, and record your games to earn take-home prizes! 

Check out the Godtear tournament rules here.

Champion Clash Doubles

Looking to have a laugh with a mate? Choose your favourite champion and team up with a friend in this Godtear Doubles tournament. Record each game you play to earn take-home prizes!

US Open

The big one – test your mettle against the best with this five round tournament. But don’t forget – we’re all here to have fun!

Check out the Godtear tournament rules here.

Staff Open Play

Relax, chat, and play games with Steamforged Games staff and join the open play.

Godtear Adepticon Booth

So, any of those take your fancy? Sign up now to claim your place at these limited capacity events! And for those that have signed up, now is your chance to immerse yourselves in the latest Tournament Rules.

Again, we just can’t wait to see you all there. Even if you don’t fancy a full-blown tournament , just come along and say hello.

And if you’re curious about tournaments, but don’t want anything super intense – don’t worry! They’re very relaxed affairs where everyone’s made to feel welcome.

See you in Chicago!