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Epic Encounters: Local Legends Sneak Peek! The Huntsman’s Stag

Welcome to The Huntsman’s Stag, brave adventurer. 

Keen to test your mettle against the most dangerous prey the wilderness can offer?

Don’t rush off just yet – charging in without the proper preparation is a recipe for disaster! Before we set out, let’s talk about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Epic Encounters: Local Legends:

Coming to Kickstarter on June 28, Epic Encounters: Local Legends gives you EVERYTHING you need to run tavern-centred adventures.

Expect more of our famous, highly-detailed miniatures, stunning tavern art, addictive minigames, NPC cards, and an adventure book FILLED with unforgettable lore. And that’s not forgetting the gripping, pre-written adventures, alongside tips and tricks to keep players glued to the edge of their seats!

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Remember: every tavern has a story to tell! It’s not all drinking and brawling…

Anyway, it’s time for a sneak peek at the legendary Huntsman’s Stag: one of the taverns from Epic Encounters: Local Legends serving as a beacon and haven to those in search of the ultimate hunt.

This excerpt from the adventure book should set your imagination whirring!

The Huntsman’s Stag (Hunting Lodge)

Nestled beside a raging lava flow, amidst verdant swampland, is the welcoming glint of The Huntsman’s Stag. This huge gothic structure, illuminated in glowing reds and oranges, is most easily identified by the monstrous, golden-horned skull above the entrance. Where most hunting lodges can be found beside rich woodland, The Huntsman’s Stag was established where the greatest of all game can be found—a dragon (though the occasional hydra or gorgon is equally respected)!

While the occasional dragon is successfully tracked and killed, the surrounding lands are home to any number of vicious and dangerous monsters, making it beloved of those who enjoy hunting for sport, as much as for survival. Travelling through the local area is a dangerous proposition, making the relative safety of The Stag a very welcome beacon and one that surrounding wildlife have learned to stay well clear of.

Will you conquer this fearsome quarry or will the hunter become the hunted? Only time will tell! The tavern secrets await you, adventurer…

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