Godtear Community Champions

Back in the halcyon days of early 2020 – yep, before that all happened – Godtear was released to the world.

It’s been a weird few years since then, clearly, but Godtear’s seeing a lot of play in tabletop communities around the world, and that’s brilliant to see!

One of the best things about its release has been seeing the community discover cool gameplay interactions, including some undiscovered by our (previously-thought-to-be-omniscient) dev team! 

So, I went into various Godtear communities and our social channels to ask you what your favourite champion synergies are, and why! Well, the reaction was brilliant – thanks to everyone who replied with their opinions! Here’s some of my favourite responses:

Eric Ackerman (Facebook)

"I think the ultimate shaper opening combo is Raith’Marid and Nia.

Raith can kersplash up to a Godtear and throw it behind him where Nia can come and build off of it and potentially claim on the first round. And even if not then rounds 2 and 3 will be an uphill battle for the opponent."

Antoni Sikora (Facebook)

"Rangosh & Finvarr seems like an invincible combo to me. At least when they fight against Mournblade & Sneaky Pete. I tried to beat them so many times in this configuration and nothing. Finvarr’s warband is almost immortal when regenerating all the time, while Rangosh and his team can attack all the time also in the planning phase.

So yeah, Finvarr & Rangosh is a killer combo to me ⚔️🗡🛡"

@xSavageSeanx (Twitter)

"I like Kailinn and Rhodri together. Kailinn and the Virtues storm up the board with Rhodri and The House Guard planting a banner and defending.

Kailinn can also in needed situations sneakily push The House Guard up an extra hex with her Centaur passive since they are small followers."

Well, they certainly sound like some potent combos. Thanks for your responses everyone; sorry we couldn’t feature them all!

For a god-tier bonus, here’s a couple of deadly champion combos straight from the dev team! We are not worthy…

Russ Charles, Lead Sculptor

"Shayle and Mournblade are certainly a gruesome twosome on the battlefield! Shayle and Landslide have ways to move models; Mournblade's followers stop models next to them from moving at all. This makes for some horrible traps that can be reinforced with Shayle's ultimate to wall off the unfortunate souls who can’t move. It's not my 'favourite' ‘cos it's flippin’ evil… But I can't deny it works."



Steve Margetson, Game Designer

"Here’s a couple for our newest champion, Lily! Her gameplay focuses on leaving fairy dust (i.e. boons and blights) around the battlefield to buff her friends and ensnare her foes. 

One way to get the most out of her kit is to place blights near groups of enemy followers, and have Kailinn nearby to move into the group of followers, pushing them out of the hex into the blight. Kailinn can then cut them down, while taking advantage of the blight!

Lily can also drop boons in front of Morrigan, who collects them to get double bonuses easily. For example Lily drops a damage boon in front of Morrigan. Morrigan can then grab it for +2 damage before she attacks someone. Lethal!"

Well, that’ll do for today. Will you be taking any of these powerful pairings to the battlefield? Or maybe you’ve got some combos of your own that you want to share! Let us know either way on our socials.

And don’t forget to check out the full Godtear range here.

Until next time, Champions!