Including Keera in Your Warband

Last week we revealed Keera’s cards. Today, we’re taking a look at ways to play with this fiery new champion!

Want to find out how you could include Keera in your warband? Read on.

Get Started with Keera: ‘Balanced Beginnings’


If you’re new to Godtear and want to get started with Keera, then grab yourself a copy of The Borderlands Starter Set

You’ll get everything you need to play Godtear, plus two additional champions to bring your warband total up to three. Your warband will include:

Keera Titus Finvarr

Godtear has four champion classes: Maelstrom, Slayer, Guardian, and Shaper. 

With the above combo, you’ll learn to play a Maelstrom (Titus), a Guardian (Finvarr), and a Slayer (Keera), giving you a good basis for getting to grips with the game.

Decided to give this warband a try? Check out the rulebook and beginner’s guide while you wait for your parcel to arrive.

Keera with a Shaper: ‘Super Powered Dragons’


If dragons are your thing—and you want to push them to their limit!—you’re going to want a Shaper in the warband to load them up with boons.

Try this roster on for size:

Whichever enemy champion you target, Rattlebone can make sure they’re suitably debuffed for Keera’s Young Dragon followers to exploit. 

Meanwhile, Rattlebone’s Hexlings can power up Keera to turn her attacks from big to epic!

To round out this super powered warband, Blackjaw makes a good third. He can apply a speed boon to make sure the Young Dragons get where they need to go—and if your opponent tries to shield their champions, he can clear a hex for the dragons to land.

TL;DR - you can run, but you can’t hide!

Keera into Maelstroms: ‘Denying Team Yellow’


If your regular opponent is leaning heavily into a Maelstrom lineup, they’re probably relying on follower knockouts. Deny them those easy steps on the battle ladder with this roster:

Two of these champions only have large followers: Keera’s two Young Dragons and Shayle’s Landslide. 

Now, Maelstroms do get three steps for knocking out a large follower. However, by taking large followers, you’ll be denying the Maelstroms the opportunity to knock out many small followers and gain multiple steps. 

For example, knocking out five small followers could get your opponent 10 steps on the battle ladder. Not with this warband, though!

Grimgut, on the other hand, does have multiple followers, but they’re worth only one step when knocked out by a Maelstrom instead of the usual two. Again, denying team yellow their primary scoring opportunity.

And the synergy doesn’t stop there. You can use Grimgut’s Retchlings to corral enemy champions and keep them in range of the Young Dragons, while Shayle and Landslide strip away their boons!

So, What Do You Think?

Will you be playing any of the above warbands?

Or have you got your own roster in mind?

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