Devil May Cry

How to Play Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace 

Can you play spectacular attack combos and score enough style points to be crowned monarch of the Bloody Palace?

If you’re going to hunt down demons, you’d better do it with style. 

Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace is a fast-paced arena combat board game with a simple aim: slay devils and look good doing it. 

You and up to four other players will compete to build combos, face waves of increasingly powerful enemies, and work your way up the style ranks—all the way to “triple-S” (for Smokin’ Sexy Style)!  

How to Play

Join Lead Developer, Jamie Perkins, as he walks you through each phase of the game, from set-up to final scores:

Download the Rulebook

You can download the official rulebook for free from our Resource Vault.

Watch the Playthrough

Want to see the board game in action? Then check out this playthrough with designer James Hewitt, developer Jamie Perkins, Community Manager Jamie Giblin, and our official Gaz, Gaz.

Get the Game

You can get your hands on the board game (and the exclusive expansions only available from the Steamforged store) by clicking the button below.