Dark Souls: RPG

It’s the DARK SOULS Boss Bonanza!

Wave 3 of our incredible DARK SOULS™ RPG minis is now available to PRE-ORDER!

Hear that rumbling?

It’s six terrifying, new DARK SOULS bosses coming your way!

The latest wave of DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game minis is nearly upon us. Get ready for the boss bonanza coming in April this year!

Even better, you can pre-order them right now!

There’s four boxes in all to add to your collection. Let’s have a look at what’s in each one:

Box 1: Cursed Terrain

Little marks these skittering creatures out for significance, save their gentle silvery glow. It seems odd to wish harm on such a furtive creature, but those who catch and slay Crystal Lizards are granted all manner of precious items.

Remember these annoying, little, scampering creatures? Well, the Crystal Lizards have made their way to DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game!

They’re ready to frustrate or reward roleplayers, depending on how fast you are. Better hope for good rolls to get your hands on these creatures – and, more importantly, the treasure they hold!

With eight Crystal Lizard minis and a 5e-compatible stat card, this box is a great way to add a new dynamic to your next RPG campaign.

Box 2: Sir Alonne & Smelter Demon

Although he served the Old Iron King for a time, little is known about the enigmatic Sir Alonne beyond his unsurpassed skill with a blade. Those who cross him should beware, else they find themselves cut to ribbons in an instant. The Smelter Demon is another mysterious figure; a mass of iron given life. It has none of Sir Alonne’s skill, but possesses brutishly inhumane strength.

Sir Alonne, the legendary swordmaster from the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC, joins the fray in Wave 3. Will your combat prowess match up to this vaunted figure?

He’s looking mysterious as ever with a stunningly-detailed model on a 45mm base.

And Sir Alonne’s joined by another denizen of the Memory of the Old Iron King, the Smelter Demon. This stunning mini – mounted on a huge 75mm base – will really take command of the tabletop!

These two legendary figures have very little in common – aside from their service to the Old Iron King himself – but both will provide stern tests for your party.

Will you prevail against these merciless warriors?

Box 3: Titanite & Stone

The Gargoyles may look like mere statues, but those who trespass on hallowed grounds will swiftly learn the truth. Only the stoutest warriors will reach the Bell of Awakening.

Distant centuries hence, a nameless blacksmith deity forged almighty weapons for the gods. When he passed away, the Titanite Slabs he used transformed into faceless beasts. These Titanite Demons still wander the land today, horribly disfigured and maimed, but enormously powerful.

Now we’ve got some fearsome mini bosses from Lordran to contend against!

These rock-hard fighters – both on 75mm bases – provide another stern test for your roleplaying group.

Box 4: Dancer of the Boreal Valley & Smough

The Dancer of the Boreal Valley was once a former royal’s distant daughter made to dance by the duplicitous Pontiff Sulyvahn. However, it soon became apparent a warrior’s life was her true calling, and she was sent abroad as an Outrider Knight. Though she became little more than a beast, some vestige of her former life as a dancer still remains.

Smough, the Executioner, made up for his lack of grace with an enthusiasm for acts of great violence. His sinister gurgling chuckle has heralded the end for many a promising knight. There were even rumours the Executioner’s prodigious strength stemmed from a tendency to devour his victims. But that couldn’t possibly be true, could it?

Now, it’s time for the big one – well, big ones.

This box contains not one but two mega bosses on 75mm bases.

Smough – one half of the legendary Anor Londo duo with Ornstein – looks characteristically creepy with his enormous hammer.

The Dancer, meanwhile, is sinister as ever. Don’t let her graceful presence fool you – she’s cut more warriors to pieces than you’ve had hot dinners!

Unleash the terrifying executioner, Smough, and lethal Dancer of the Boreal Valley on your next roleplaying night, as part of your adventures in Lothric, or any other RPG campaign.


So, now you know what you’re getting in every box. It’s time we explained why these DARK SOULS mini sets are so special.

  • Officially licensed miniatures from the popular DARK SOULS video game series.

  • Create your own DARK SOULS story with these highly-detailed minis and our standalone tabletop RPG based in the DARK SOULS universe – core rulebook sold separately.
  • Add a dose of DARK SOULS to any roleplaying campaign with 5e-compatible stat cards in every box.

  • Claim your free DARK SOULS character sheet from the SFG website now and help build your Unkindled today!

  • Work your way up from fearsome mini bosses like Sir Alonne and the Smelter Demon to truly terrifying main bosses, Dancer of the Boreal Valley and Smough!
  • These minis aren’t limited to gaming. Every box contains highly-detailed models ready to paint, play, or display right out of the box.

You can find out more about them here.

Make your game nights even deadlier! – Pre-Order Wave 3 now!