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Landmarks of Flotsam | Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea



Before you embark on your first island adventure in the Faraway Sea, you’ll no doubt need to visit the floating town of Flotsam.

AA:TFS Map of Flotsam

Built from lashed-together ship hulls and floating debris, Flotsam is a hub for adventurers of all kinds to meet up, buy supplies, and wait for the Observatory to reveal which islands will emerge next from the Rift.

And while you’re waiting, why not visit one of the Flotsam’s landmarks? The floating city is home to plenty of intriguing places...

The Overlooked Hotel

A large, plush hotel, with a slightly seedy air, The Overlooked Hotel has accommodation for all different kinds of animals. Notice the eyrie poking out of one corner of the roof, and the large cat-flaps and kennel entrances dotting the façade. 

Always surrounded by a crowd of animals, either checking out or desperate to stay, The Overlooked is where the Guild financiers and the wealthiest scholars stay.

The Field Research Institute for Terrestrial Eventualities (FRITE)

A gothic castle constructed from shipwrecks and salvage, FRITE seems permanently on the precipice of falling apart.

Odd, iridescent lights emanate from high windows, casting an eerie glow. Even the doorway is shrouded by an atmospheric shimmer... 


The Observatory

An enormous, almost-orb made from driftwood, old bits of ships, and scraps of metal, The Observatory projects over the lip of Flotsam on a ramshackle platform. 

Protruding from the orb is a medley of telescopes, gigantic binoculars, weird mirrors, refracting devices, barometers, pendulums, and weather charms — and those are just the recognisable items. There are dozens of other half magical, half scientific pieces of equipment jockying for position.

This unusual apparatus is how, and where, the islands are registered, observed, and their quirks identified for future research and for the large notice board outside. 

You’ll often find a crowd of adventurers hanging around, awaiting the announcement of a new island!


Where will your adventure take you?

These aren’t the only places you could visit, but we’ll let you discover those for yourself.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do in Flotsam. You’ll have no trouble finding treats, places to nap, and stores to stock up for your next adventure.

Many of these locations have been created with animals in mind but with a bit of homebrewing, you could easily transpose them into your own world.

Want to visit Flotsam?


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