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Meet the Dogs of the Faraway Sea | Animal Adventures

When adventure comes knocking, you can bet a dog will be first to let you know it’s at the door.

That’s the amazing thing about dogs. They’re always there when you need them, and will have your back no matter what. 

And awakened dogs? Well, that’s a whole new level of companionship.

Of course, there’s having a dog, and there’s being one yourself. After all, who hasn’t seen a happy-go-lucky labrador or adventurous collie, and wondered what it might be like to live life on four legs?

Lucky for you, Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter, with a host of daring dogs on board for you to roleplay as!

But what makes these dogs so special? Grab your favourite stick and set your nose to the wind because you’re about to get the first sniff.

If you didn’t already want to be a dog, you will after this...

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Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Docks

Roleplaying as an Awakened Dog

Last time, we looked at how you can roleplay as an awakened cat in the Faraway Sea.

As it was with the cats, Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea isn’t the first time dogs have graduated from familiars to adventurers.

You’ll find a world of rules for awakened dog characters in the Secrets of Gullet Cove sourcebook, from canine traits and rules for different sizes, to breed abilities (similar to 5e feats), dog-versions of all the 5e classes, and a new background.

Plus, of course, canine personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws. All your character-building essentials, this time on four paws!

So, what’s different about the dogs of the Faraway Sea? We’re so glad you asked.

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea will expand on those rules with FIVE new dog adventurer miniatures to create your own character around, plus rules for creating a dog Artificer and dog Watcher!

Wait. Do I need Secrets of Gullet Cove to enjoy the Faraway Sea? Absolutely not! Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea is a standalone campaign setting. You can enjoy it without any of the prior books or sets. 

So, if this is your first foray into the world of Animal Adventures, the Faraway Sea is the pawfect (yep, we did it again) place to begin!

Hang on — there’s that ‘Watcher’ class again! Well spotted (again)! We’ll be revealing the Watcher Class in the near future. Before we do that, we have to meet our new Animal Adventurers!

Let’s find out more about what it means to be an awakened dog of the Faraway Sea (and get the first look at the minis)... 

AA TFS Westie Fighter

Endlessly variable, constantly adaptable, dogs have been shaped by their entwined history with other races until little trace of their wild ancestry remains — although all dogs still think of themselves as wolves, to some extent. 

Dogs are inexhaustible sources of energy, devotion, and love. When a dog makes a friend, it has made a friend forever. Nothing can break that bond. 

A dog will defend its companions against anything and then lick their faces afterwards, just to remind them that they’re definitely still friends.

AA TFS Samoyed Cleric

Loyal and True

Dogs are naturally loyal to those they consider part of their pack (see? Wolves). Canine companions make superb sailors — after all, they’ve been working on their companionSHIP for milenia (sorry).

Whether at the side of a half-orc captain, comforting them on long voyages, or distracting the opponent of an elven swashbuckler, dogs have always been there to help. It’s in their nature. 

They are fiercely protective and devoted to assisting those they’ve chosen as their kin. That’s the important thing about dogs — they choose who they love very quickly and it takes an awful lot to change their minds.

AA TFS Aussie Druid

Who’s a Good Dog?

Dogs have the ability to make their homes almost anywhere they choose. Whilst not as common as cats, a dog aboard a boat will quickly become the favourite crewmember. 

A dog who has been awakened tends to remain closely linked with their adopted society, taking on a new job but behaving in much the same way and with much the same group of friends (though new ones are always very, very welcome!). 

A dog’s sense of home is usually defined by the company around them rather than a place, and dogs are comfortable sailing widely as long as they have the consistency of friendship.

AA TFS Chow Chow Bard

A Nose for Adventure 

Dogs gifted with unusual intelligence seek adventure for many reasons. Their instinctive urge to support and assist, coupled with the ability to reflect on the world in deep terms, can be more than enough to lead them from the safety of port to the open seas.

AA TFS Newfoundland MonkAA-TFS-Newsletter-Header-Bottle-transparent

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter. 

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