New! Official Godtear FAQ (2023)

Take heed, champions! Why? 

Because this blessed day marks the release of Godtear’s first ever official FAQ!

Wondering what an FAQ is, why it exists, and where you can find it? 

Well, we’ve got lead developer, Steve Margetson, here to answer those questions and more…


Where can I find the Godtear FAQ?

You’ll find the official Godtear FAQ in the Godtear resources section here on the Steamforged website. 

Or, you can click right HERE.


What is an FAQ, anyway?

FAQ stands for ‘frequently asked questions’.

These include things like clearing up rules interactions between different champions, and clarifications of rules players aren’t getting quite right. 

You can use the FAQ to help with all kinds of play — from your kitchen table to gaming tournaments. 

And if you have any questions the FAQ doesn’t cover, you can reach us on Discord or in the unofficial Facebook fan group.


Wait — why does Godtear need an FAQ?

FAQ’s are pretty common for living games like Godtear. 

When a game keeps growing and has multiple releases, rules questions can crop up over time as players try out different champion combos. 

We try to account for all possible rules interactions during our design and development phase — but even the best written rules can’t cover every possible interaction with every possible past rule! 

(Especially in Godtear, where every champion has unique rules.) 

To address this, we spend time gathering feedback in community spaces (like the Discord and Facebook group) and then formalise the questions that come up most often into an FAQ.

Godtear the champions FAQ


Does the FAQ change the rules (i.e. is it an ‘Erratum’)?

Nope, an FAQ isn’t the same as an erratum.

An FAQ is a document that clarifies rules and explains how they are always intended to be played. An erratum overwrites existing rules.


So will the FAQ be updated?

As you might’ve seen if you’re active in community spaces, we’re ramping up support for Godtear!

And, as part of that, we’re committed to providing and updating key documents like the FAQ.

Right now, we’re confident the FAQ covers all the most asked community questions. 

If new questions pop up as new champions, scenarios, and organised play docs are released, we’ll keep a log for the next big FAQ update and answer those all at once. 

In the meantime, most questions can be answered by us and your fellow community members in the Discord and Facebook group


What BIG questions does the FAQ answer?

As explained, the FAQ answers a lot of questions, but there are a couple of key clarifications you should check out…

The first key clarification relates to warband tokens and is a common question we get from players new to Godtear.

Warband tokens dictate the maximum number of steps each player can score in the current scenario. The turn token can never be placed on a space that already contains a warband token.

The second key clarification relates to how skills affect banners

Only skills that specifically refer to banners in their text will affect banners. 

This was always the intent, but we had to do our due diligence to make sure formal confirmation wouldn’t lead to unintuitive rules on existing champion and follower cards. 

(And we’re happy to say it doesn’t!)

In addition, banners can’t be moved off objective hexes. By extension, if an objective hex with a banner is moved, the banner moves with it. 

To find answers to any other questions, including queries on your favourite champions, check out the FAQ here

Also, don't forget that we are taking Godtear to AdeptiCon 2023! We have a plethora of fantastic events taking place and we'd love to meet you all and have a good chat over a game of Godtear.

Until next time, champions!