Dark Souls: RPG

Our New DARK SOULS™ RPG Minis & Where You Meet Them In-Game!

Wave 2 of our incredible DARK SOULS™ RPG minis is now available to pre-order on our webstore!

If there’s one thing that takes your roleplaying adventures to the next level, it’s high quality miniatures.
Well, luckily for you, that’s what we’re here for! Another wave of detailed RPG minis from the DARK SOULS™ universe is coming on October 5. And, even better, you can pre-order them right now!
To celebrate we’re going through the new sets and having a quick look at where you meet them in the video games. Without any further ado, let’s get into it!
Box 1: The Steadfast and The Hollow
The steadfast Sentinels are nigh-on immovable with their thick plate armour and colossal greatshields. By contrast, Hollow Soldiers can barely withstand a strong gust of wind. Their tattered clothing and atrophied muscles provide little in the way of ballast.
Our first set contains 2 Sentinels and 2 Hollow Warriors. 
The Sentinels are huge statue-like monsters that patrol the city of the gods: Anor Londo.
Ah, do you remember the first time you descended the glorious steps leading down to Anor Londo, after escaping Sen’s Fortress? With the sun streaming from behind the clouds, surrounded by beautiful architecture?
Then a massive armour-plated guard turns you into a red smear with its enormous halberd…
The Sentinels are a good indication of the massive difficulty spike you get when you get to Anor Londo in the original DARK SOULS™ video game… But they’re nowhere near the trickiest enemy you’ll meet there (bridge-crossing flashbacks intensify!)
Hollow Soldiers are a liiiiittle easier than Sentinels, and appear much sooner in your journey in the original game at the Undead Asylum. Having said that, they can still deal plenty of damage with their rusty weapons and are more than capable of sending noobs right back to the bonfire!
Box 2: Alonne Knights
Adept with sword and bow, the Alonne Knights fight shoulder to shoulder with renowned camaraderie. Though the flesh inside their armour has long since withered to dust, their spirits are undimmed.
This set contains 4 Alonne Knights, 2 wielding swords and 2 wielding bows. Hailing from DARK SOULS™ 2, these legendary fighters patrol the Iron Keep. They’re loyal to the Old Iron King, and defend his fortress from intruders…
And yes, that includes you. They’re pretty tough, and fight like cornered beasts when threatened!
Box 3: Dread Knights of Renown
The Outrider Knights were driven insane by Sulyvahn’s black eyes. They fight like cornered beasts, savage and unrelenting. Winged Knights are ponderous by comparison, but one swing of their axe can crush any opponent.
Now, we’ve got our first delegates from DARK SOULS™ 3 with a Boreal Outrider Knight and a Winged Knight!
Don’t remember the Boreal Outrider Knights? You will. 
The first one you meet is at the bottom of the elevator leading to the Road of Sacrifices. You know, the elevator Siegward can’t work out, bless him.
This mini boss is arguably the most difficult nmy you’ve confronted thus far, and that includes bosses! It hits like a truck, is lightning-fast, and causes Frost build-up. Ouch.
We’ll be honest, we just ran past him the first time we met him… Well, after dying 10 times in a row to his frosty blade, that is.
The Winged Knight isn’t much better. These guys refer to themselves as “the angels”. Well, take it from us: they’re not exactly angelic. 
The first one you run into is wandering around the High Wall of Lothric. Much like the Boreal Outrider Knight, it’s one tough cookie, and most Unkindled will probably try and collect the shinies nearby while dodging blows from the beastly Winged Knight’s wild halberd swings. Then, it’s a good idea to just run away… Again.
Box 4: Protector of the Asylum
Those afflicted with the Undead curse are sent to rot in a remote asylum. Most accept their lot and crumble to despair, but occasionally an inmate will try to escape. Any such attempts are short-lived, thanks to the hulking Asylum Demon. Any Unkindled taking on this colossal creature best be made of stern stuff.
It’s time for our first boss!
In fact, the Asylum Demon might be the very first boss a lot of us faced in our DARK SOULS™ journeys.
This monstrous creature appears at the end of the first area from the original DARK SOULS™ game: the Undead Asylum. 
The Asylum Demon is a real wake-up call. Wielding an enormous hammer, this boss really packs a punch, and is probably responsible for a lot of people giving up on the video game entirely!
If you persevere, you’re treated to one of the best video game experiences of all time… Oh well, just shows that quitters never prosper!
This massive, highly-detailed mini (on a whopping 75mm base!) will certainly dominate your RPG campaigns, that’s for sure.
Box 5: Captains & Warriors
Alonne Knights are famed for their prowess in battle, but only the most capable rise to the rank of Captain. The Ironclad Soldier doesn’t enjoy the same renown, as few survive a swing from its almighty mace to tell the tale.
Our last set for this wave features an Alonne Knight Captain and an Ironclad Soldier.
We’ve already told you about the legendary Alonne Knights. Well, their Captains are as strong as you’d expect. It takes a lot to earn the respect of the Alonne Knights in their endless spectral afterlives!
You also meet the Ironclad Soldiers in the Iron Keep. These hulking masses of metal are quite literally suits of armour given a soul… Well, lots of souls actually. The Old Iron King created them for his army by bringing hunks of iron to life.
If you don’t watch out, these monstrous slabs of metal will knock you into the lava flowing beneath the Old Iron Keep, so watch out!
Right, that’s all the awesome sets from Wave 2 of our DARK SOULS™ RPG minis range!
Wait, we should probably explain what’s so great about them…
These highly-detailed PVC minis depict characters, monsters, bosses, and artefacts from the ruinous DARK SOULS™ universe! These sets are:
  • Fully 5e-compatible, with stat cards in every box to help you add them to your campaigns
  • Perfect for you to engage with the DARK SOULS™ RPG’s combat system in full
  • Great for painting to recreate the DARK SOULS™ universe on your tabletop
  • Compatible with any tabletop roleplaying game
Which one are you most excited to get your hands on?
Pre-order Wave 2 of our incredible DARK SOULS™ RPG minis here!