Ultimate Guide to Maxen | Godtear Champions

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the latest Godtear champion, including hints and tips for using him in your warband.


Today we’re looking at how to play Maxen the Artificer, the latest Godtear champion to step onto the battlefield. 

He’s the fourth dwarf to join Godtear, alongside Rhodri (Guardian), Nia (Shaper), and Luella (Maelstrom). As you’ve probably guessed, Maxen is a Slayer, rounding out the dwarf contingent and giving you the chance to play a full dwarf warband should your heart so desire. 

In keeping with his Artificer status, he’s flanked by a flock of menacing mechanical Gearhawks with the potential to rain down damage. Now, let’s see what this Slayer can do...

Maxen’s Stats and Traits


As a Slayer, Maxen gains bonus steps on the battle ladder when he knocks out an enemy champion. His movement is in line with what we've come to expect from dwarves, being 1 in the Plot Phase and 2 in the Clash Phase. 

Maxen’s Dodge and Protection are 3 health apiece, and with 6 health he’s going to be a tough nut to crack.


One look at Maxen’s miniature will tell you everything you need to know about his attacks: he’s all about that blunderbuss, no trouble. 

Yes, his Scavenger trait lets you kill two birds with one MASSIVE GUN. 

It must have one heck of a recoil, too—when Maxen knocks out an enemy champion, he also blows their banner off the battlefield. That’s a potential 9 point swing on the battle ladder!

Top Tip: Get the best bang for your buck by knocking out champions who placed their banner.

Maxen’s Skills and Ultimate

Maxen’s skills are a little underwhelming in the Plot Phase but overwhelming in the Clash Phase. 

Plot Phase Skills


Here we see two pretty standard skills: March, which we’ve seen before, and a new skill, Tinker.

March gives Maxen a move at the expense of an action, while Tinker grants the Gearhawks a recruit action and a boon of your choice. 

If you’re running a Shaper who can pass boons around, as with Nia’s Crystal Mirror, then Tinker becomes a bit more whelming.

Top Tip: Try to position Maxen so he’s adjacent to enemy champions in the Plot Phase.

Clash Phase Skills


Prepare yourself. Maxen’s blunderbuss is no joke.

There are two modes of fire: Piercing Shot and Shrapnel Shot.

Piercing Shot is a range 3 attack that has a hit effect of scoring a single wound. Shrapnel Shot is a range 3 attack that has a hit effect of pushing an enemy away 1 hex but also rolls up to 6 damage.

Now, a blunderbuss isn’t an accurate, delicate weapon like Lorsann’s bow. So, for every hex between you and your target, the accuracy of each of these shots will decrease. Shrapnel Shot also decreases in damage as chunks fly wild of the target.

Top Tip: Get up next to your target, blast them with shrapnel, then finish them with a piercing shot.

Maxen’s Ultimate: Bird Shot


What’s better than a blunderbuss? A blunderbuss stuffed full of mechanical birds, of course.

With Bird Shot, Maxen shoves the Gearhawks into his gun and fires them straight in the face of an unfortunate enemy champion.

For every Gearhawk removed from play, the Ultimate gains +2 damage and +2 accuracy...and you can load up to three.

Done the math?

That means Maxen’s Ultimate maxes out at Accuracy 8, and Damage 8 before boons and other skills are taken into account. 


Top Tip: Because you can only use an Ultimate once per game, make sure you have at least three Gearhawks ready for the flight of their life.

Maxen’s Followers: the Gearhawks


So, we know the Gearhawks can be Tinkered with and shoved into a blunderbuss. But what else can they do?

Gearhawks in the Plot Phase


As you can see, they’re relatively easy to knock out. 

Their Plot Phase will usually consist of giving Maxen an accuracy boon through Eagle Eye while the remaining four set off to harass an enemy champion with Talon Rake, ready for Maxen to blow away in the Clash Phase.

Migration is a very useful skill to simply place these birds where they need to be, without having to bother about moving around enemies or allies.

Top Tip: Eagle Eye is an extremely useful trait that every friendly champion can take advantage of.

Gearhawks in the Clash Phase


In the Clash Phase we see these mechanical birds let loose as they Dive Bomb into enemies, softening them up ready for Maxen (or another Slayer) to deliver a knockout blow. 

The more Gearhawks there are adjacent, the higher the accuracy. And remember: if Maxen has Tinkered with them in the Plot Phase, they can boost that 4 damage roll with a boon.

Just like the Plot Phase, Migration makes another appearance to make sure this kettle of hawks can get to where they need to be. 

And to finish off we see Eagle Eye again, perfect for setting up hit effect abilities from other champions in the Plot Phase.

Top Tip: Use Tinker to give the Gearhawks a damage boon and watch them go ka-boom.

Tips and Tricks for Maxen


Combo with Nia: Nia pairs extremely well with Maxen. Maxen can Tinker to give the Gearhawks a damage boon, then Nia can use Crystal Mirror to give that same boon to Maxen while the Gearhawks provide him with an accuracy boon. This sets up a very powerful Shrapnel Shot in the Clash Phase.

Death by a thousand hits: Team up with Keera and Lorsann to dish out hit effect wounds from range by the bucket full, and lay down some serious firepower (pun intended).

Working with a Goblin: Maxen’s Gearhawks make great allies for Goblins. In particular, Jeen (who already has a liking for birds) can make strong use of the Eagle Eye trait to ensure she starts swinging with deadly accuracy in the Plot Phase.

Maxen’s Pros and Cons


  • World-shattering ultimate

  • Powerful Clash Phase

  • Can hunt down champions while contributing to the banner game


  • Brings 5 followers that a Maelstrom can farm.

  • Underwhelming Plot Phase

  • Vulnerable to other Slayers