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Guide to the New Watcher Class | Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea


Okay, enough hints. It’s time to let the class out of the bag.

A brand new character class, Watchers live by a simple code: hunt the wicked

But wait — is it a brand new class?

Those of you who joined us in Gullet Cove may remember gallant Galert of Hexea, of the exclusive Tooth & Paw expansion…

Origin of the Watcher Class


Galert is both a Fighter and a member of The Watchers Guild. And ever since we put pen to paper on the concept, we’ve been captivated by the idea of Watchers. 

Watchful, protective, and brave, they just seemed to fit into the Animal Adventures world. 

And surely any animal willing to take up the noble mantle should be given the chance to call themselves a Watcher?

Becoming a Watcher

Indeed, animal adventurers of any species or class are able to join the Watchers.

In choosing the cause, you’ll gain some minor benefits, including:

  • A magical Silver Dagger

  • 1 Guild Mark (spendable in Gullet Cove)

And support from the Watchers in the form of:

  • A new, or better, blade appears whilst you sleep

  • A book, with a page marked indicating a certain monster’s weakness

  • An ally may emerge to aid you in a fight, before vanishing

In Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea we’re expanding this to be a fully fledged class including everything you’d expect from a 5e compatible class including; Class features, equipment, subclasses, abilities, and proficiencies. 

Items and benefits are all well and good. But, what does it mean to be a Watcher?

About the Watcher Class

As a Watcher, you have chosen to forgo the Order of the Golden Collar. They aren’t proactive enough for your liking. 

A warrior, you fight evil and darkness wherever it festers, devoted to protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

This direction and devotion springs from a simple code all Watchers follow: hunt the wicked. Of course, how you apply that code is up to you. 

Depending on the campaign, you and your Game Master should speak privately to figure out whether you want your Watcher to have a strict view on what constitutes ‘wicked’, or a more nuanced perspective.

This discussion should help you pin down the tone of your campaign, and let you exist more authentically within the game world. (Basically, you’ll have more fun role playing your character.) 

One isn’t born a Watcher. You joined through an induction process vouched for by an existing Watcher — the only way to join such a tight-knit organisation.

Again, speak with your Game Master to determine who brought you into the fold. Are they still alive? Do you know where they are? Perhaps they visited one of the islands in the Faraway Sea, and didn’t escape before it returned to the Rift?

By working with your Game Master, you can create a narrative you and your friends will enjoy.

And what about fighting?

Watchers are a martial class, with a sprinkle of je ne sais quoi that separates them from Fighters, Paladins, and the like.


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