Next Stop: Epic Encounters Station | Festive Train 2020

Arriving December 26 at 12:00pm UTC | Departing December 28 at 11:59am UTC

Welcome to the Epic Encounters station, friends! The place where roleplaying games come to become EPIC.

For the next 48 hours, it's all about RPG adventures you can open up and play with no prep (or experience) needed.

That means you've got just 48 hours to check out this incendiary bundle at 10% off, including a fiery kobold encounter and a cinematic boss battle with a HUGE red dragon.


Win an Exclusive Bundle

While we're in the station, you've got the chance to win an exclusive Epic Encounters bundle including four all-in-one adventures, two BIG boss battles, and over 40 minis.


The competition closes when we depart for the next station on December 28 at 11:59am UK time, with winners announced on January 11.

What Is Epic Encounters?

Epic Encounters is a range of complete roleplaying encounters made to be played right out of the box.

Inside, depending on whether you choose a minion box or boss box, you'll find either a set of detailed minis (up to 20 in total) or one giant boss, plus a double-sided game mat and an adventure book packed with monster stats, story prompts, tips, and tricks.

The boxes are fifth edition compatible and can be played as cinematic one-shots or integrated into an existing campaign.

Minion and boss boxes are designed to be combined, so round off your fiery kobold fight with an epic red dragon battle with Shrine of the Kobold Queen and Lair of the Red Dragon.

Or, complete your chilling orc encounter with a cracking frost giant fight with Hall of the Orc King and Caverns of the Frost Giant!

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Games Radar EE Review

From the article:

"I'm not sure I took the name 'Epic Encounters' seriously at first. Yes, it looks awesome in a 1980s-sword-and-sorcery sort of way. With the logo's splash of neon font and spiky, fanged monsters across the packaging, it's a nostalgic throwback to old-school fantasy that ticks all the right boxes. But is it really memorable enough to live up to the title?

"Well, its creators aren't kidding. The scenarios you'll fight through in this series are brutal. And I don't mean that they're unfair; instead, the combatants you'll face here are legitimate threats. Once a party has struggled its way to victory, they'll feel like they've achieved something genuinely impressive."

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