Next Stop: PAC-MAN™ Station | Festive Train 2020

Arriving December 16 at 12:00 UTC | Departing December 17 at 11:59 UTC

Wakka wakka! For the next 12 hours it's destination PAC-MAN™. The iconic yellow arcade character is taking over, and we've got 18 copies of the card game to give away!


About the Game

Ah, PAC-MAN. So many memories of afternoons in arcades and pizza places, zipping around a neon maze trying to beat the high score.

Now, with the card game, you can recreate that coin-popping nostalgia on your kitchen table. At 20 minutes a pop, it’s bite-sized retro fun (and an awesome stocking filler!).

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Because it's the season of giving (and we're feeling all nostaglic), we've got 18 copies of PAC-MAN™: The Card Game to give away!

How to Enter 

Competition closes at 11:59am UK time on December 17, when it's all aboard the Festive Train so we can go to the next stop.

Wonder which game station we're heading to next...?