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Meet the Catfolk Rogue Student | Adventures & Academia

Today’s magic school student is a roguish sort who loves playing games of chance...


Meet Bladepaw. Bluffer, chancer, and all-round lucky duck. Or should that be cat? 

Either way, if you fancy swindling your fellow magic school students in your next roleplaying campaign, he’s the Adventures & Academia character for you! 

As you might’ve guessed, Rogue-in-training Bladepaw is a member of House Cunning at the Grand Academy. 

Meet Bladepaw, the Catfolk Rogue Student


Class: Rogue

Lady luck is fickle, friendly, and not with you, my friend. 

Bladepaw has always had a habit of having more than a spare set of aces up his gloves, earning him the only name he goes by. 

If it’s a game that uses dice, cards, or the word ‘chance’, Bladepaw knows it, and he will of course be kind enough to teach it to you. 

The fact the dice always have a habit of landing on lucky number seven — and the old deck of cards happens to have five kings — won’t do any harm, will it? 


Following a close call with several goblins, Bladepaw ‘acquired’ his house badge from a professor that was in the area. Wielding his lucky deck, Bladepaw is a regular ‘guest’ in the offices of most professors. 

Of course, his games aren’t gambling if you cheat, so what’s the issue? 


So, is Bladepaw the Character for You?

Or maybe you’re more of a Cleric, or a Fighter? Either way, Adventures & Academia: First Class has a character for you! After all, even the greatest adventurers had to go to school. 

With Adventures & Academia, you can take your next roleplaying campaign back to the beginning — before your adventurers knew the ins and outs of their character class, when they were still learning their can-dos from their cantrips. 

Bladepaw can be found in the Cunning & Divine RPG set HERE.