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Dear Adventurer-in-Training,

If the previous three houses haven't felt right for you, then perhaps you'll find a place in House Cunning. This house makes up the final quadrant of the Grand Academy Shield.

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  • House Cunning

  • Every Grand Academy house has a unique history, founder, and suits a certain type of adventurer. House Cunning welcomes Rogues, Bards, and Rangers alike.

    History of House Cunning 

    What happens when magic isn’t enough? If House Arcane is to be believed, this would never happen, but sadly the Academy’s history is filled with the heroic ends of adventurers who learned this lesson too late. The lost language, in its original dialect, has two words for left. One as in direction, and one as in left in a ditch and forgotten. It’s a small but important difference when unravelling a riddle or casting a spell. This area, the application of knowledge, is where students of House Cunning focus their studies. It is not enough to simply know an answer. One must also know how to use it to gain the desired outcome.

    Rangers, rogues, and bards are the creative thinkers found in this House, filling the gaps left by the other houses. Their studies focus as much on the application of their knowledge as on the knowledge itself. No one can memorize the answer to every riddle ever written, though many have tried, but learning how to deconstruct the wording to find the answer is far more usable. 

    House Cunning was founded by the legendary diplomat Nichole Macenvila, rumoured not only to have tricked the dragon of the forest into giving up the clearing where the Academy was built but also to have negotiated with the spirits of the forest to raise the buildings. Nichole was also a peerless thief and confidence trickster, the legend goes, who is said to have hidden the crown of the Tarrasque folk somewhere within the Academy’s walls. Of course, no one’s found it yet.

    House Cunning’s current head is Tamashi, a retired hobgoblin. Despite being the newest house head, he has already set many senior staff on edge by investigating some of the Academy’s longest-standing mysteries…

    Will you join House Cunning?

    House Cunning miniatures can be found HERE.

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