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History of House Arcane | Adventures & Academia: First Class

Dear Adventurer-in-Training,

As per our last missive, we suggest prospective students should take the time to learn about The Grand Academy’s four student houses, each of which are shown in the school emblem. 

These are:

  • House Might
  • House Arcane
  • House Divine
  • House Cunning

  • Every Grand Academy house has a unique history, founder, and suits a certain type of adventurer. You are encouraged to think ahead about which house might best fit your needs. 

    To that end, we’ll be taking a tour of the houses in the lead up to your enrollment. Today we’ll delve into mysteries of House Arcane! 

    History of House Arcane

    House Arcane seeks to prove magic can overcome any obstacle. Here warlocks, sorcerers, and wizards all learn magical power is to be understood and wielded in equal measure. Unlocking the secrets of magic isn’t without its mishaps, and House Arcane is responsible for the majority of admissions to the Academy’s infirmary.

    The house was founded by the great silver dragon Balthazar the Third to expand and safeguard magical knowledge that is all too often left to rot in a deep dungeon or lost library. By happy coincidence, this also includes Balthazar’s considerable collection of magical books, scrolls, and tablets, which he kindly donated to the house. Each day, students sort through these endless volumes located in the house’s tower, finding new treasures and half-forgotten histories, sending new discoveries to the Academy’s libraries and archives. It’s a never-ending task as every night, the empty shelves become full once again, as if by magic.

    House Arcane’s current head is a particularly unsociable kobold called Nidhog. Some believe he is actually the house’s former head, now transformed into his reptilian form after a particularly disastrous expedition to a dragon’s lair. A former deputy head once likened Nidhog’s patience to a barrel of burning tar. To the relief of everyone, Nidhog’s new deputy, a human called Bellanus with a singular passion for detail, has taken over most of his student-facing duties.

    The importance of tradition is instilled in students, as only through knowledge of the past can magic’s mysteries be unlocked. Sorcerers can learn to bend the limitations of their spells through understanding magic’s origin and rules, and wizards can find new ways to channel and manifest their magic by learning how spells have evolved over the centuries. Warlocks gain knowledge of their pact and patrons — learning new innovation to their power.

    Will you join House Arcane?

    House Arcane miniatures can be found HERE.

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