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History of House Divine | Adventures & Academia: First Class

Dear Adventurer-in-Training,

We hope you've thoroughly researched House Might and House Arcane as you'll soon need to decide which house you join! You see, all four houses make up the shield of the Grand Academy:

These are:

  • House Might
  • House Arcane
  • House Divine
  • House Cunning

  • Every Grand Academy house has a unique history, founder, and suits a certain type of adventurer. And today you'll be discovering what it means to pray, and be answered with House Divine.

    History of House Divine

    This house balances intervention from powers outside the mortal realm with that of the individual. Wielding such power is as much a burden as it is a privilege, a hard lesson that all House Divine students learn one way or another. The house is home to clerics, paladins, and druids, those who have entered into a covenant with the faithful, the gods, or the land. Those who when they pray, something answers.

    ‘The Guardian of the 17th Gate’, the aasimar Selene, founded the house and sought to light a beacon of hope in a world too often left to the whims of fate and darkness. The current head of House Divine is Malakor, a burly minotaur with a weakness for halfling poetry and orcish history. Malakor continues to push his students to learn how to kindle the light in small acts of their faith as much as in grand heroic gestures. 

    Empathy and understanding the limits of place and perspective in a world only made stronger by its diversity is a key value for this House. Its students operate in regularly rotated groups of opposing beliefs and opinions. Though this often leads to initial friction, in time the students learn there is a place for all things, all beliefs, and all callings. War can win peace. Without death, how would we know the meaning of life? Without darkness, the light would be blinding. 

    House Divine students must find the line between offering creatures help and allowing them to find lessons from finding their own path. The druid must understand the balance between a forest fire needed for the grove to survive and a pointless blaze that threatens destruction. The cleric must recognise how the temple can not only kindle faith but also invite doubt. The paladin must comprehend the moral dilemmas following their oath can bring.

    Will you join House Divine?

    House Divine miniatures can be found HERE.

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