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History of House Might | Adventures & Academia: First Class

Dear Adventurer-in-Training,

You are invited to attend The Grand Academy’s open day on January 31st 2023.

Prospective students should take the time to learn about The Grand Academy’s four student houses, each of which are shown in the school emblem above. These are:

  • House Might
  • House Arcane
  • House Divine
  • House Cunning

  • Every Grand Academy house has a unique history, founder, and suits a certain type of adventurer. You are encouraged to think ahead about which house might best fit your needs. 

    To that end, we’ll be taking a tour of the houses in the lead up to your enrollment. Beginning with House Might!

    History of House Might

    Founded by Tizon, a sentient magical sword, House Might is home to those who seek to master their physical might and become the best fighters they can be. Inner strength, determination, and discipline are the house’s key virtues. 

    Home to fighters, monks, and barbarians, House Might teaches its students both the logistics of leadership and mastery of their chosen weapon — be it the blade, fist, or mind.

    This is the house of self-improvement. It seeks to prove that the mind can master the body, and anybody can become the best version of themselves through hard work and dedication. 

    Its current head, Haviarea, an elderly halfling, runs the House like a large family, of which she’s the weird but loveable aunt. She regularly observes lessons, monitoring and offering occasional pearls of wisdom. 

    Haviarea’s office is filled with trophies and oddities from her travels around the world, including war banners in a dozen languages, keys to countless cities and towns, and broken weapons from cultures baffled visitors can only guess at.

    Tizon, the magical sword, still makes regular appearances, usually challenging a student or three to one of its sixty-six fearsome tests of might (which get progressively harder). These challenges usually involve ‘obtaining’ something — be it a token, secret, or admission — from another house or staff member. 

    The legend goes that anyone who completes all sixty-six challenges earns the right to wield Tizon, but no-one has yet completed more than twenty-one — as the current twenty-second challenge is to gain forgiveness from fire. 

    (The first — and last — attempt resulted in all students having to attend a lecture on the wording of challenges, riddles, and contracts.)

    The staff of the Academy tolerate Tizon but are thankful its visits are infrequent and fleeting.

    Will you join House Might?

    House Might miniatures can be found HERE.

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