Keera, The Dragon Princess | Slayer Champion | Godtear


On the outside, Keera is the essence of nobility. But on the inside, an untameable fire burns. Enemies are advised to tread lightly, for it is uncertain who they should fear more— the fiery mistress, or her mythical dragons. 

(Spoiler: It’s the Young Dragons).


That’s right. A brand new Slayer champion is joining the Godtear ranks. Yes, she’s got dragons—and she’s not afraid to use them!

Keera is Godtear’s first new champion since launch.  With her fiery fighting style and fearsome large followers, we expect this champion to become a real contender on the battlefield.

Keera’s Cards


During a battle, you’d expect to find most Slayers in the thick of the fight, putting pressure on a single enemy champion to gain those sweet extra steps on the ladder. 

Not Keera. She and her Young Dragons can threaten multiple champions at once—a unique dynamic that opponents should be wary of!

How do they threaten multiple champions, you ask? 

Well, for one, Keera’s ultimate, ‘Firebrand’, applies a wound to any enemy champion within range of her Young Dragons. 

For two, her ‘By My Command’ trait causes Keera to channel her own skills through the dragons, making them a conduit for their mistress’s power.

As you can see, with some planning—and a little help from their warband friends—the Young Dragons can deal a punishing amount of damage!

TL;DR - No enemy champion is safe.


As you’d expect from a dragon mistress, Keera’s skills turn the Young Dragons up to 11. Her ability to orchestrate their actions to follow the flow of battle, or to put pressure on enemy champions, makes them a constant threat to be dealt with.

So, will you be recruiting Keera for your warband? Or planning her demise?

Check back next week when we’ll be looking at some synergies that can maximise the Young Dragons’ potential on the battlefield.

Preorder and Release Date

Set for release on August 14, Keera is available for preorder right now. 

Consider ordering direct from your local retailer, if you can. Local gaming stores need your support—now more than ever.